May 20th 2024Essential Spring Gardening Jobs To Get Started On

It’s been a bit of a late one this year but there’s still time to get all those essential spring gardening jobs done and dusted before summer!

Time for Pruning

After a cold winter, new growth starts shooting up in Spring, so it’s time to get out the hedge trimmer and give everything a good shave!

This helps remove any dead foliage and clears the way for new growth.

MOT your lawnmower

Now that Spring is coming, your grass will start shooting up again and you may find you need to give it a trim every few weeks. Before that happens, make sure your lawnmower is serviced and safe to use.

After being left in a shed for months, they can become rusted, or be difficult to start. A full service is a good way to prepare for the coming work. If yours is beyond help, you can always hire a lawn mower instead!

Prep the Ground

Spring is a good time for planting so get the soil ready with a cultivator and some quality compost. Clear out any dead plants, or weeds, and start planning where and what you are going to plant.

You can easily make a planting calendar to jot down when to start planting things, and where best to put them, so you get the best chance of having a full garden of growth come autumn.

Prepare your Woodwork

After the cold damp weather, your outdoor furniture and wooden structures might be looking a bit tired and worn.

By using a good quality sander and some protective varnish, you can bring them back to life and prepare them for the summer ahead.

Essential Spring Gardening Job Checks

For those looking to kickstart their spring jobs, ensuring you have the right tool or equipment for the job at hand is essential.

Get in touch with TFM Hire today to find the right piece of hire equipment for your needs.