Fencing and Foresty Equipment HireTree Shear (Volvo ECR58 Digger Mounted)

This is our Hardlife hydraulic 060-TSH model tree shear. The Hardlife range of tree shears are engineered as Heavy Duty, professional work tools. This tree shear fits to the front of our 5.8T Volvo Digger.

The tree shear attachment, or ‘tree lopper’ is becoming increasingly used in many forestry applications due to the time and money saving advantages it offers. The ‘TSH’ hydraulic excavator tree shear is a single service attachment that works off your existing hammer circuit, with one powerful hydraulic ram, This tree shear is forgiving to inaccurate alignment of the blade by the operator and consequently facilitates faster cutting.

Two 45mm pins 175mm apart.

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1st Day Hire £90.00 inc VAT

2nd Day Hire £171.00 inc VAT

3rd Day Hire £247.50 inc VAT

4th Day Hire £319.50 inc VAT

5th Day Hire £387.00 inc VAT

Additional Days £67.50 inc VAT


Carrier Weight 4-8 Tonne
Cutting Edge 20mm
Maximum Opening 530mm
Maximum Cutting Diameter 250mm
Width (closed) 800mm
Tree Support Height 525
Unit Weight 455kg
Cylinders 1no
(Anything up to) Bar/Psi 320/4600
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