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Ryetec Mini Flail Mower Collector with Hi Tip – MC1200H

This piece of kit is available for use with our Kubota Compact Tractor

These machines use a patented special cutting flail which not only cuts the grass but then blows it directly in to the hopper, because the grass does not change direction after being cut it means there is very little opportunity for the grass to block in wet conditions.

Mini flail mower collectors cut and collect on all types of grass from lawns to conservation areas. Their robust yet lightweight construction allows safe use on small tractors even with a full hopper of cuttings. The low profile design allows use in situations where overall height is an important consideration, ideal in orchards and large gardens where overhanging branches are a problem. The Mini Collector can also be used during autumn to pick up leaves, litter and even hedge clippings. The powerful action of the paddle flails mulch any collected material, vastly reducing its volume and speeding up the composting process. The collected material is tipped hydraulically from the tractor seat via an external hydraulic supply up to 1.85m.

Heavy duty chassis and 3 point linkage mean the machines can be transported and held securely on to the powering tractor, low power requirements (25-35hp) mean that if the machine is in a fixed position a much smaller and economical tractor can be used to power the machine or the optional electric power drive system. Both the intake and loading conveyors fold for transport and storage and the loading conveyors height is controlled by a simple winch mechanism.

The robust yet relatively light construction of the Mini collectors, makes them ideal for specialist applications where machinery weight must be kept to a minimum to reduce compaction problems or surface damage. Golf greens are a perfect example where the collectors are ideal for use on golf greens and tees, bowling greens and other areas which have traditionally been worked by pedestrian equipment.

DAY HIRE £45.00 inc VAT

2ND DAY HIRE £85.50 inc VAT

3RD DAY HIRE £123.75 inc VAT

4TH DAY HIRE £159.75 inc VAT

5TH DAY HIRE £193.50 inc VAT



Width of cut 1200mm
Weight 330kg
Capacity 0.7m³
No. of flails 40
Minimum tractor horse power 18hp
Tipping action Hydraulic
Tipping height 1.85m


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