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Pet Harnesses

As Perfect Fit, Hurtta and Julius K9 harness stockists (amongst others) we have a range of harnesses available and we will fit these to your dog.  This avoids the risk of buying online and finding you’ve received a harness which doesn’t fit.

A badly fitted harness can rub and cause your dog discomfort in the same way a badly fitted pair of shoes can.  We really don’t mind if your dog is excitable, noisy, frightened, intimidated or bouncy as this is fairly normal for many dogs in our food/treat filled environment.  We will take the time and trouble to help you and your dog feel safe.

Harness Fitting Service

Please allow half an hour for a harness fitting and remember we close at 6pm.  The dog ideally needs to be as calm as possible (a good walk beforehand will help) and bring a pocket full of his/her favourite treats.

Please don’t bring aggressive dogs into the store.  We will happily work with you to help you fit a dog which can’t be brought into the shop.  The fitting service is free of charge.

Worm and Flea Control

Worried about parasites?  We have SQP trained staff able to advise and prescribe prescription wormers and flea treatments as well as give advice.

Do you know there’s a link life cycle between worms and fleas?  That most of the fleas live in your home (which is often why owners think a flea treatment isn’t working as flea eggs live for weeks or even months before hatching).

Have you had correct advice about how to apply the product or that Lincoln is one of the country’s hot spots for river water being polluted by flea treatments?  Get the right advice for your home, your pet and your world.


Has your dog got itchy skin, digestion issues, chewing its feet, ear problems, arthritis, food allergies?  Please come and see us.  No purchase is required.

We want your dog to be happy and healthy and our qualified in store dog nutritionist will give you support to enable you to make educated choices for your pet.

We don’t diagnose or prescribe a diet, we just provide a simple guide to food and the point out the common triggers for problems.