March 30th 2022Pricing Changes

Pricing Changes

***ANNOUNCEMENT***  On Friday 1st April, we are introducing a new way to price our equipment. This will bring us more in-line with industry standards.
This is happening alongside the launch of our new behind-the-scenes software which will help us bring our processes into the 21st century as we look to make our own processes more digital

The main change to the pricing is that instead of charging multiple individual day rates on multi day hires, we’ll be providing discount on any additional days in order to bring the price of midweek hires down.


We’ve chosen to make this decision for a number of reasons, the main one being a result of the increased uptake of weekend hires causing a lot of congestion around these periods.


An example is shown below with the new prices for a popular piece of our hire fleet, A Niftylift 230TET Access Platform:

Hire Length Money Off Base Price Example
1st Day No Change £96.00
2nd Day 10% Discount £86.40
3rd Day 20% Discount £76.80
4th Day 25% Discount £72.00
5th Day+ 30% Discount £67.20
Weekend rates will be discontinued, and all quotes given will be honored
We’re keen to hear your feedback on this so we’re all ears on any questions you may have about it.
If you have any questions about these changes or have any potential concerns, please feel free to email us on or call 01522 694 235