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Easy Petrol Post Driver

  • Designed to knock any size stake, peg or post into the ground, up to a 4″ diameter
  • Lightweight, only 15.3kg and ideal for steep ground and inaccessible locations
  • Powered by ultra-reliable & compact Honda GX35T 4-Stroke Engine

The Easy Petrol Post Driver is comfortable, portable, lightweight & powerful.

It’s designed to knock any size stake, peg or post into the ground, up to a 4” diameter (subject to soil conditions). The high impact hammer action of 1720 blows per minute will drive a post into the ground in a matter of seconds, with the power pack being the ultra-reliable & compact Honda GX35T 4-Stroke Engine.

The ram action of the hammer is what gradually drives posts in, making driving of posts easier especially in hard ground. Heavy weight from a ram could break or bend the post as its driven, making the petrol post driver a more suitable choice.

This machine is ideal for inaccessible places as it’s light enough to put in your car and packs enough punch to work effectively. It’s ideal for quick emergency repairs, smaller projects and saves you the expenditure of shipping large expensive machinery to site.

1 Day Hire £55.00 inc VAT

2 Days Hire £104.50 inc VAT

3 Days Hire £151.25 inc VAT

4 Days Hire £195.25 inc VAT

5 Days Hire £236.50 inc VAT

Additional Days £37.50 inc VAT


Weight 15.3kg
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