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Wood Chipper Hire Information

Today’s professional arborist is under pressure to get the work done as quickly as possible with minimal fuss, so a wood chipper with an exceptional work-rate, being strong and powerful enough to take everything thrown at it without complaint is always top of the requirement list. With these demands, up-time is also paramount so quick and easy servicing schedules and clear access to all service items were also part of the design brief.

Spec for spec, no other make of wood chipper can offer you so much performance, serviceability and longevity. This is a rock-solid, reliable, high performance 6” wood chipper at a sensible price.

Diesel engine. White diesel only. We cannot accept red diesel in this machine.

If you have any questions about this wood chipper hire, contact TFM Hire or call 01522 694235

No insurance? No problem! Our hired in plant insurance is 20% of the day hire cost before VAT. This will be £20 inc VAT for one days insurance.

1 Day Hire £125.00 inc VAT

2 Days Hire £237.50 inc VAT

3 Days Hire £343.75 inc VAT

4 Days Hire £443.75 inc VAT

5 Days Hire £537.50 inc VAT

Additional Days £90.00 inc VAT


Engine Kubota 35hp 4-cylinder engine
Tank capacity 18 litres (4 gallons)
Weight 749kg
Length 3285mm (tray up) 3810mm (tray down)
Width 1520mm
Height 2220mm
Max diameter feed 160mm
Throughput Up to 5 tonnes per hour
Feed Method Twin hydraulic rollers c/w Auto Feed Control
Blades 2 x 135mm Double sided, fully hardened

Hired In Plant Insurance

£18 per day or hirer can produce a copy of their own hired in plant insurance

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Hire Information & Requirements

Name on bank card must be in the same as the name on the driving licence

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